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Icom IC-R72
Shortwave Receiver


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Icom R72

The Icom R72 receiver system is a triple conversion superheterodyne covering 30 kHz to 30 MHz with 10 Hz LCD display. It employs an advanced DDS - Direct Digital Synthesizer to provide improved carrier-to-noise characteristics and boasts 100 dB dynamic range. It has an S-Meter, AGC, Dimmer, 99 Memories, Tone, Preamp, Squelch, Attenuator (-10/20/30 dB), Keypad, Lock, Tilt Bar, Dial Tension Adjust, Scan, Sweep, 24 Hour Clock-Timer, and Three Tuning Rates. The rear panel has both 50 ohm and 500 ohm antenna inputs.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CP-11 Cigarette lighter power cord with filtration. Discontinued
  CR-64 High Stability. Improves stability to 10Hz @1 hour. VIEW Discontinued
  CT-17 CI-V Level Converter for connection to a PC RS-232C port. VIEW Discontinued

FL-100 CW/RTTY Narrow 500 Hz Filter 9 MHz IF Discontinued
  FL-101 CW Narrow 250 Hz Filter 9 MHz IF Discontinued
  OPC-131 Fused 12 VDC Power Cord (2 Amp) Discontinued
  MB-  5 Mobile mounting bracket. Discontinued
  MB-23 Carry handle. Not in stock
  SP-3 External speaker. Discontinued
  UI-8 FM Option (For FM shortwave reception only) Discontinued
  UR-1 Front-end protector. Discontinued
  UT-36 Voice synthesizer announces frequency (English or Japanese). Discontinued

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