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Panasonic RF-3100
Shortwave Receiver


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Panasonic RF-3100

The Panasonic RF-3100 covers 550 to 29999 kHz with a 1 kHz digital display and FM from 87.5-108 MHz. The band selector selects, AM, FM and 29 1 MHz shortwave bands. Modes of reception include AM and CW/SSB. The large 3.5 inch speaker plus Bass and Treble combine to offer nice fidelity.

Features include:   inch headphone jack, S-Battery meter, carry strap, RF gain, Wide/Narrow selectivity, meter lamp switch, external antenna jack and telescopic antenna.

The RF-3100 can operate from 120 VAC or eight D cells.

The Panasonic RF-3100L [DR31] is the European version and covers the longwave broadcast band as well.

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#0000 00 D000/000 Q100/080 JP 09/10