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Panasonic RF-4900
Shortwave Receiver


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Panasonic RF4900

The Panasonic RF-4900 is a sophisticated shortwave communications receiver. Complete worldband coverage from 1.6 to 30 MHz is provided by eight bands. AM from 525 to 1605 kHz and FM band reception from 88 to 108 MHz is also supported. The double conversion superhet circuit provides good sensitivity and image rejection. Wide-Narrow bandwidth selector includes ladder-type ceramic filters to reduce nearby frequency interference. The BFO pitch controls ensures smooth SSB and CW reception.

Features include:   ¼" Headphone Jack, S/Battery-Meter, RF Gain, ANL, Light, Bass, Treble, Speaker Jack, Two Tuning Speeds, Handles, Antenna Trimmer, Spinner Knob, Record Jack, Aux. Input Jack. The rear panel has multiple antenna input terminals and an SO-239 jack plus a ferrite antenna for MW.

Please note that the digital display operates on all bands. Operate from 120 VAC or eight D cells. 19 x 7.8 x 14 inches. 20 lbs.

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