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Panasonic RF-B600
Shortwave Receiver


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Panasonic RF-B600

The Panasonic RF-B600 covers 150 to 29999 kHz with a 100 Hz digital display in LSB, USB and AM modes. You also get the FM broadcast band from 87.5-108 MHz. Modes of reception include AM, LSB and USB. You can select the desired station via the manual tuning knob, 9 presets or direct frequency entry via the numeric keypad. The controls are very intuitive.

Features include:   inch headphone jack, S-Battery meter, meter lamp switch, Lock, carry handle, 9 memories, DC Input Jack, memory scan, sweep (zone scan), Wide/Narrow selectivity, digital display On-Off Switch, time chart, external antenna jack and telescopic antenna. The rear panel has jacks for record, mute and external speaker. The bottom panel has two battery compartments and a flip-stand.

The RF-B600 requires three AA cells for backup. It can operate from 120 VAC or eight D cells. 15 x 5 x 11.5 inches.

Item Description Price
RP-952 DC auto power adapter. Discontinued

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