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Hallicrafters SX-71
Shortwave Receiver


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Hallicrafters SX-71

The Hallicrafters SX-71 general coverage receiver has main ranges:  .538-1.65, 1.6-4.8, 4.6-13.5, 12.5-35 and 46-56 MHz. Bandspread:  3.5-4, 7-7.3, 14-14.4 and 27-30 MHz. Requires speaker. Features include:   " Headphone Jack and S-Meter, Antenna Trimmer, Sensitivity, Tone, Dial Lamp, Hinged Top Cover, Mute Terminals, Standby, Phono Input, BFO and ANL.

The circuit consists of:  6BA6 RF Amp, 6C4 HF Osc, 6AU6 Mixer, 6BE6 2nd Conv., (3) 6SK7 IF Amp, 6SH7 IF Amp, 6H6 ANL/AVC, 6SC7 BFO/RF Amp, 6AL5 Det., 6K6GT Output, VR-150 Voltage Reg. and 5Y3GT Rectifier. 105-125 VAC 50-60 Hz 90 watts. 18.5 x 8.875 x 12 inches 33 lbs.

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R-44B External speaker Discontinued
R-46 External speaker Discontinued

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