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Hallicrafters SX-133
Shortwave Receiver


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Hallicrafters SX-133

The Hallicrafters SX-133 general coverage receiver tunes from 535 to 31500 kHz in four bands. The main ranges:  0.535-1.61, 1.725-4.7, 4.5-13 and 11.9-31.5 MHz. Bandspread ranges: 3.5-4, 6.9-7.4, 13.5-14.4, 20-22, 26-30, 5.9-6.25, 9.45-9.8, 11.65-12 and 15.05-15.5 MHz. Features include:   " Headphone Jack and S-Meter. Bandspread, Product Detector SSB/CW, RF Gain, ANL, BFO, Antenna Trimmer, Mute Terminals, Crystal Phasing, Dial Lamp and Speaker Terminals.

The circuit consists of:  6DC6 RF Amp, 6EA8 Mixer/Osc, 6EA8 1st IF Amp/Crystal Sel., 6BA6 2nd IF Amp, 6AL5 AM Detector/NL, 6BE6 BFO/Product Detector, 6GW8 AF Amp/Output and diode. 105-125 VAC 60 Hz. 18.25 x 8 x 9.75 inches 31 lbs.

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