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Universal M-8000v7.5
Multi-Mode Decoder


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Universal M-8000v7

The Universal M-8000v7.5 features capabilities not available in other demodulators and is a favorite with commercial users and dedicated hobbyists. The M-8000v7.5 offers the power to let you listen to the exciting world of radioteletype and FAX on shortwave, VHF and satellite! The VGA color output permits the presentation of more information than ever before. The incoming text is displayed in a 26 line, 80 character format. A detailed double status line indicates all current demodulator and decoder settings. The lower left corner displays five bar-graph type tuning bars. A horizontal window at the bottom of the screen shows a continuously updated, spectral display. A square window in the lower right corner features a simulated X-Y tuning scope.

The M-8000 handles all the "standard modes" plus ARQ-M2/4, ARQ6-90, FEC-A, FEC-S, ARQ-E, ARQ-E3, ARQ-S, SWED-ARQ, POL-ARQ, ACARS, Packet, Pactor and Piccolo. The M-8000 has calibrated variable Baudot speeds with calibrated variable shifts. The new GMDSS - Global Marine Distress and Safety System mode has recently been added. The M-8000 has five user programmable sel-cals. Program in one, two or three words (or codes) which will then automatically activate your printer when they are received.

The M-8000 is semi-automated, utilizing a microprocessor to control shift tune and selection. Press a key and the M-8000 tunes the mark, finds the space, and displays the approximate shift. The M-8000 offers a user selectable initialization format and ten multi-function memories to store your most frequently used operating parameters. Manual tuning is facilitated by on-screen bargraph tuning indicators for level, mark and space plus a simulated tuning scope. Other features include:  printer & video squelch, High-Low Tone select, 60, 85 and 1200 Hz shifts, six ASCII shifts, parity select and three position AGC. Instructive LEDs for:  Mark, Space, Buffer, CW Lock, Squelch, Idle, Sync., Sel-Cal, Data, Tuning Error and Data Error (helpful in determining correct speed, protocol and sync.). Other refinements you have come to expect include:  ATC, UOS, built-in diagnostics. Baudot, speed readout, external scope output plus serial and parallel printer ports. The M-8000 requires a VGA or SVGA analog color video monitor. A parallel printer, such as the Epson LX-300 may be connected if desired.

The M-8000 comes with a detailed Owner's Manual with schematic. Size:  16.4W x 3.5H x 12.5D inches (418x90x319 mm). Gray metal cabinet. 9 lbs. (4.1 kg) or 15 lbs. ship (6.8 kg). 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Digital Electronic Systems. Click here for specifications. Click here for installation and controls [PDF 45k].

The M-8000v7 model is the same as above, but also with POCSAG and Golay modes and can be purchased via government purchase order or for export only.

  • Standard Baudot Shifts - 170/425/850
  • Extended Baudot Shifts - 60/85/1200
  • ASCII Shifts - 85/170/425/850/1200
  • Diversity Reception
  • ARQ Channel Watch - Multi-channel.
  • Speed Readout: Indicates the incoming RTTY transmission rate.
  • Auto Baud: Automatic Baud rate selection
  • Auto Shift: Automatic Shift Selection
  • Auto Tune: Automatic Baud, Shift, Sense
  • Beep At: 1-Key press 2-SelCal 3-Bel char.
  • OPI Over Print Inhibit feature.
  • Direct Entry of Baud and Shift
  • Sel-Cals: 5 programmable sel-cals for automatic printer start-stop
  • External Scope Output
  • On-Screen Simulated Tuning Scope
  • Screen Print and Screen Saver
  • Spectral Display
  • User adjustable filtering control
  • VGA Color display (user selectable colors)
  • Support for laser printer (HPII compatible)
  • High Res. FAX with false color feature.
  • MSI Multiple Scroll Inhibit: Eliminates blank space on screen and/or printer.
  • ATC Automatic Threshold Control for improved copy during fading.
  • AGC Automatic Gain Control
  • UOS Unshift On Space auto shift to letters case after blank received.
  • Self Test: Built-in diagnostics
  • Squelch selectable for screen and/or printer.
  • Input Gain Control
  • Status Line with five on-screen tuning bars.
  • Four Alphabets: ITA2, MIL, TELEX, Cyrillic
  • Remote Terminal Operation
  • Real Time Clock/Calendar
  • Metal Case

Order # Mfg. Model Description Price Order
  Info-Tech Rack Ears Mounting brackets for a 19 inch rack. Discontinued
#3483 Universal OM M8000v7 M-8000v7/v7.5 Owner's Manual (as supplied).  Spiral-bound 111 pages VIEW $40.00 Discontinued
  Universal SM M8000 M-8000 Series service manual in 3-ring binder. Discontinued
  Epson LX-300+ Quiet dot matrix printer (220 CPS draft or 44-53 CPS NLQ) (9 pin head). Discontinued
  HOD CA314BD Parallel printer cable. DB25 to Centronics. Six foot RFI shielded. Discontinued

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