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Universal M-8000
Version 2

Upgrade Kit


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v2 upgrade eeprom

This Universal M-8000 version 2 Upgrade Kit adds new modes to Universal M-8000 version 1.0n and 1.5n units (not for version 5 or 7!). After full installation of this upgrade, the following additional modes will be supported:

This upgrade kit contains the following items:
1 27C512 programmed EPROM (labeled 2.nn)
2 5600 ohm 5% watt resistors
1 length of quality electronic solder
1 Upgrade Manual

There are two levels of upgrade possible with this kit.

This level of upgrade adds the PACTOR and ARQ6-90 modes. Level 1 upgrading is suggested for those interested strictly in H.F. (shortwave) modes. This level merely requires the replacement of the "plug-in" EPROM.

This level of upgrade adds the PACTOR, ARQ6-90 and ACARS modes. This level of upgrade requires replacement of the "plug-in" EPROM and the solder installation of two resistors (supplied). The two resistors are required for proper ACARS demodulation. ACARS is a VHF mode. Therefore those interested strictly in H.F. monitoring, may prefer to do only a Level 1 upgrade.

Please note that re-alignment or calibration of the unit is not required for either level of upgrade. This upgrade is only for v1 and v1.5 owners.

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