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Provideo VM-901B
9" Video Monitor  


Provideo VM-1201B
12" Video Monitor


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ProVideo VM901/1201

ProVideo monitors work well most "M series" decoders including the M100, M200, M600, M900, M600 and M7000 series models (but not for use with M-8000 which requires VGA).

The ProVideo VM-901B monitor is just right for those requiring a high-quality, black and white, small metal cased composite monitor. This 9 inch diagonal video monitor provides greater than 800 lines resolution. Front controls include:  Power, Contrast, Brightness, Horizontal Hold and Vertical Hold. Rear composite input .5-2V p-p sync. neg. with BNC jack. Input impedance is High or 75 Ohm switchable. Please note this is a composite video monitor (some times called security monitor). It only accepts composite video input (not RGB, VGA, CGA, HDMI, etc.).

Black-gray metal case 9W x 9.5H x 10D inches 13.5 lbs. 120 VAC 60 Hz 35 watts. UL & CSA Listed. Ninety day limited warranty.

The ProVideo VM-1201B is the same as the VM-901B, but it has a 12 inch rather than a 9 inch tube (measured diagonally). Resolution greater than 800 lines.

Black-gray metal case:  12W x 11.5H x 12.5D inches 21 lbs. 120 VAC 60 Hz 35 watts.

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