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The AOR ARD2 is the "go anywhere" reader for ACARS and NAVTEX. It provides portable operation from 4 internal AA cells (not supplied) or external 12 VDC, and a computer is not required. ACARS is the VHF civil aeronautical teletype mode audible on most scanners. NAVTEX stands for Navigational Telex, sent predominantly on the longwave frequencies of 518 and 424 kHz, audible on most shortwave communications receivers. The ARD-2 has two NAVTEX modes:   NAVTEX-E for English and NAVTEX-J for the Japanese character set, used in coastal waters around Japan. Incoming text is displayed on the 16 character by 2 line LCD display. A built-in speaker with volume control allows you to monitor activity. A separate level control provides threshold adjustment to achieve the optimum input level. A 9600 baud DB9 serial port is provided for optional use with a personal computer.
Click here to view ARD2 Owner's Manual [PDF 292K].

Decode Signal (ACARS): Modulation MSK
Carrier 2400 Hz
Bit rate 2400 bps
Code type NRZi
Length of 1 character 7 bit+1 parity
Decode Signal (NAVTEX): CCIR Rec476-2B
Mark 1615 Hz
Space 1785 Hz
Shift 170 Hz
Bit rate 100 bps
Length of 1 character 7 bit
Display: LCD 16 character x 2 line
Display Control: LED 4 x Mode Selection (green)
1 x DECODE (red)
Key: 4 x Mode Selection
1 x Scroll UP
1 x Scroll Down
1 x Back Light ON/OFF
1 x Decode Reset
Audio signal input: 3.5 mm mono jack
Input impedance 1k ohm
Input level 0.2 - 2V p-p
External speaker 3.5mm mono jack
Earphone socket: two, each on front and rear panel
Serial Interface: Connector: D-Sub 9-P male
Baud rate: 9600 bps
Data length: 8 bit
Stop bit: 1
Parity: None
Flow control: RTS hard flow
Operating temp.: 0 - 45
Power Supply: 12V DC or 4 x AA battery cell
Current Consumption: Max. 280 mA
Fuse: 1A instantaneous
Dimensions: 158(L) x 109(W) x 53(H) mm (projections excluded)
Weight: 330 g excluding batteries

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#3763 00-00 D000/000 Q000/000 JP 11/08