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  AOR AR-501

The AOR AR-501 is a combination Morse decoder, Morse code trainer and electronic keyer. The CW decoder copies CW in 5 to 30 WPM in 1 WPM increments. The CW trainer generates random 5 character code groups from 5 to 30 WPM in 1 WPM increments. The electronic keyer supports keying speeds of 5 to 30 WPM in 1 WPM increments. Functions on selected by six buttons on the top panel. There is a built-in tone oscillator (800 Hz) with speaker.

Front panel connections include:  standard or iambic paddle, straight key and headphones. Rear panel connections include:  DC Input, Audio Input, external speaker, keyer output and printer output (Centronics 8-bit parallel print port with 4K byte buffer). Requires 12-13.8 VDC @165 mA. 4.5 x 2.25 x 6.25 inches 12.5 oz.

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#3763 89-90 D[000]000/000 Q040/070 JP 08/16