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Universal M-400
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The Universal M-400 provides a high quality demodulator, extensive mode coverage, easy-to-read display and parallel printer port. The M-400 is totally self contained; there is nothing else to buy. It is compact and operates from 12 VDC making it a natural for auto or boat installations. The two line liquid crystal display provides a (40) forty characters readout (not just 8 or 16 like other readers). This super-twist LCD can be read from any angle, and the front of the M-400 is sloped to provide the optimum in viewing and operating convenience. An 8000 character scrollable buffer stores incoming text for your review. LED indicators for Mark, Space, Input and Data are provided. A gray, all metal cabinet provides a solid look of quality. Received output is to the two line LCD, except for FAX which is strictly to the parallel printer port (printer not supplied).

Baudot, the original RTTY mode, can be copied in all five speeds (45, 50, 57, 75 and 100 baud).
SITOR A and B are extremely popular teletype modes on shortwave. SITOR is used for communications between ships and coastal stations.
FEC-A is a European press-diplomatic mode.
ASCII at 75, 110 and 150 baud.
SWED-ARQ This Swedish diplomatic mode.
FAX - With a graphics compatible dot matrix parallel printer attached, you can copy FAX from shortwave. You can print weather maps and charts from around the world. The printer is optional. (FAX decoding is at 120 LPM, 576 IOC).

ACARS Stands for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System is an aviation teletype mode is in wide use at most major commercial airports.
DTMF decoding of all 16 DTMF digits.
CTCSS (PL) frequency decoding is also available. Read all 41 standard tones.
DCS (Digital Coded Squelch, also referred to as Digital Private Line) all 104 standard codes.
POCSAG and GOLAY paging modes.

The M-400 has several functions that you can program. With the use of an optional speaker, the M-400 can be programmed to pass only the audio you want to hear! You can set the M-400 to only activate the speaker when it receives a CTCSS, DCS or DTMF code of your choosing. The M-400 comes with an instructive Owner's Manual and 12 VDC wall adapter. The rear panel has Audio Input, Discriminator Input, Parallel Printer Port and DC input. Note: For best DCS and PL reception, direct connection to the receiver's detector may be required. 8.75 x 2.5 x 8 inches. 2 lbs. Operates from supplied AC wall adapter. With Owner's Manual.

The Universal M-400v2 adds Super POCSAG mode.

The Universal M-400v3 adds POCSAG 2400 mode.

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  STAND CLEAR HAM Lucite stand for M-400/M-450. INFO Discontinued
#3141 OM M400 v1.0 Owner's Manual Version 1.0.   $10.00 Order
#3308 OM M400 v2.0 Owner's Manual Version 2.0.   $10.00 Order
#3451 OM M400 v3.0 Owner's Manual Version 3.0.   $10.00 Order

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