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Universal M-7000
Multi-Mode Decoder


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Universal M-7000

The Universal M-7000 is a dedicated multi-mode teletype decoder. It decodes Morse, Baudot RTTY, SITOR, ASCII, ARQTOR, FECTOR, TDM2/4, ARQ-E, ARQ-E3, Packet and FAX. FAX is supported to the parallel printer port and monitor. Modes, shifts and other functions are selected by dual keypads. The status line shows the current operating parameters. An LED bar graph is used for tuning. A complete system will require the following components:  your receiver, audio cable and a composite video monitor (sold separately). With Owner's Manual. Requires 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz 25 watts.

  The Universal M-7000v2 was an M-7000v1 production unit that had a V2 ROM upgrade adding:
       ARQ-E, ARQ-E3.

  The Universal M-7000v3 was an M-7000v1 production unit that had a V3 ROM upgrade adding:
       ARQ-E, ARQ-E3, ARQ-S, FEC-S, FEC-A and SWED-ARQ.

  The Universal M-7000v5 production version added these modes over the v1:
       ARQ-E and ARQ-E3.

  The Universal M-7000v6 was an M-7000v5 production unit that had a V6 ROM upgrade adding:
       ARQ-S, FEC-S, FEC-A and SWED-ARQ.

  The Universal M-7000v7 production version added these modes over the v1:
       ARQ-E, ARQ-E3, ARQ-S, FEC-A, FEC-S, SWED-ARQ and VFT 50 channel.

  • Standard Baudot Shifts - 170/425/850
  • Extended Baudot Shifts - 85/1200
  • ASCII Shifts - 85/170/425/850/1200
  • ARQ Channel Watch - Multi-channel.
  • Speed Readout: Indicates the incoming RTTY transmission rate.
  • Auto Baud: Automatic Baud rate selection
  • Auto Shift: Automatic Shift Selection
  • Auto Tune: Automatic Baud, Shift, Sense
  • Beep At: 1-Keypress 2-SelCal 3-Bel char.
  • OPI Over Print Inhibit feature.
  • Direct Entry of Baud and Shift
  • Sel-Cals: 3 programmable sel-cals for automatic printer start-stop
  • External Scope Output
  • Autostart Output
  • Diversity Reception
  • Filter Control Wide-Narrow-Normal
  • MSI Multiple Scroll Inhibit: Eliminates blank space on screen and/or printer.
  • ATC Automatic Threshold Control for improved copy during fading.
  • AGC Automatic Gain Control
  • UOS Unshift On Space auto shift to letters case after blank received.
  • Self Test: Built-in diagnostics
  • Squelch selectable for screen and/or printer.
  • Input Gain Control
  • Status Line
  • Four Alphabets: ITA2, MIL, TELEX, Cyrillic
  • Remote Terminal Operation
  • Video scroll up-down
  • Metal Case
  • Help Screen

Order # Model Description Price Order
  Video Fax All M7000 units deliver FAX output to the parallel printer port. This option permits the display of FAX images to the video monitor (in lower resolution) Discontinued
  Real Time Clock This option displays the current date and/or time to the status line and can "time stamp" your printed output. Discontinued
  M-610 External tuning scope with audio AGC/prefilter. INFO Discontinued
  Rack Ears Mounting brackets for a 19 inch rack. Discontinued
  OM M7000v1 M-7000v1 Owner's Manual (as supplied with v1). Discontinued
#2149 OM M7000v2 M-7000v2 Owner's Manual  Spiral-bound 102 pages VIEW   $19.95 Order
#1920 OM M7000v5 M-7000v5 Owner's Manual (as supplied with v5).   $19.95 Order
  OM M7000v7 M-7000v7 Owner's Manual (as supplied with v7). Discontinued
  ROM M7000v2 Upgrade ROM for M7000v1 adds ARQ-E and ARQ-E3. Discontinued
  ROM M7000v3 Upgrade ROM for M7000v1 adds ARQ-E and ARQ-E3, ARQ-S, FEC-S, FEC-A and SWED-ARQ. Discontinued
  ROM M7000v6 Upgrade ROM for M7000v5 adds ARQ-S, FEC-S, FEC-A and SWED-ARQ. Discontinued

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