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Universal M-900

The Universal M-900 was designed for the hobbyist or maritime user who wants an affordable, compact unit that copies all the basic HF transmission modes. The M-900 receives Morse code with autorange 6 to 35 WPM. It also decodes regular Baudot RTTY still used by some international press agencies, weather stations and aeronautical concerns (45, 50 and 74 baud). Both SITOR A & B modes are included so you can read a vast amount of maritime and international diplomatic traffic. Facsimile is the transmission of pictures, charts, maps, press photos, marine information and other documents. It operates in line mode for weather map reception and gray mode for press photos in 16 shaded levels. (60, 120 and 240 LPM. 288 or 576 IOC. R to L or L to R. Positive or Negative).

LED indicators include: mark [MK], space [SP], error, data, squelch [SQ] and limiter [LIM]. To select the desired mode, simply rotate the mode knob. In the RTTY mode the six push buttons control: normal-reverse [N/R], squelch [SQ], case change [CASE], shift up [UP], shift down [DN] and unshift on space [UOS]. The status line shows the operating parameters and features a tune for max. indication. In FAX mode the six push buttons control positive-negative polarity [POL], framing [FR], start [RUN], line-gray mode [MODE], IOC [IOC] and direction. Standard print features include multiple scroll inhibit (MSI), over print inhibit (OPI), automatic C/R & L/F and 8K print buffer. A DIP switch allows you to set a 40 or 80 character video line, a 16 or 22 line video page, a 50 or 60 Hz video refresh rate, high-tones or low-tones and a 9 or 24 pin printer. Power input is a 2.5 mm jack, audio input is a mini jack, video out is an RCA jack and the parallel printer port is a DB-25. A complete system will require the following components:  your receiver, audio cable and a composite video monitor (sold separately). A dot matrix parallel printer (not supplied) may be added for "hard copy". With Owner's Manual. Size:  9W x 3 3/4H x 13 1/4D inches. 5 Lbs. Requires 12-16 VDC @800 mA. AC wall adapter included.

  The Universal M-900v2 version added the FEC-A (96, 144 and 192 baud) European press mode.

The VF option adds Video Fax to yield high resolution facsimile images to the printer port and medium resolution images to the monitor.


  • Baudot, the original RTTY mode, can be copied at 45, 50 and 75 baud. Baudot is used by some press agencies, ham radio operators and weather stations.
  • SITOR is a popular teletype modes on shortwave. SITOR is used for communications between ships and coastal stations plus ham radio operators.
  • NAVTEX Navigational Telex is the transmission of navigational and weather information on 518 kHz. (NAVTEX is a variant of SITOR.). Click here for NAVTEX information.
  • FEC-A is a press-diplomatic mode gaining acceptance primarily in Europe. (in V2 version only)
  • FAX - With a graphics compatible dot matrix parallel printer attached, you can copy FAX from shortwave. You can print weather maps and charts from around the world. The printer is not supplied. (FAX decoding is at 60, 120 and 240 LPM, 288 or 576 IOC).

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    #2047 OM M 900 Owner's Manual (as supplied).   $10.00 Order

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