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Discontinued RTTY & Facsimile Equipment 
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The AEA MBA-RC is a self-contained terminal for Morse Code, Baudot radioteletype and ASCII. This device is fully self-contained and features a 32 character vacuum fluorescent display supporting 32 characters. The characters are 14 segment and 0.29 inches high. The MBA-RC copies Morse Code (CW) with speed auto-tracking from 3 to 99 WPM. And Morse code signals are enhanced by a built-in filter. It copies Baudot radioteletype (RTTY) at 60, 67, 75 or 100 WPM. It also copies ASCII at 110 baud. The MBA-RC also has keying output for transmit applications. Transmit modes includes Morse Code at 3-99 WPM, Baudot radioteletype (RTTY) at 60, 67, 75 or 100 WPM and ASCII at 110 baud. Transmit enhancements include auto CR/LF (switchable), USOS downshift on space (switchable) and Auto ID.

This device requires 13 VDC + 2 VDC at 2 Amps. 8.75 x 4.5 x 2 inches 7 lbs.

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