Hal CT2100
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Replaced by the
Hal CT2200

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Hal CT2100

The Hal CT2100 communications terminal receives Morse code with autorange from 4 to 50 WPM. It also decodes regular Baudot radioteletype at 45, 50, 57 and 74 baud) and ASCII at 110, 150, 300, 600 or 1200 baud. Three standard shifts of 170, 425 and 850 Hz can be selected. You may select 24 lines with 72 or 36 characters per line. Tuning is facilitated through six LEDs on the front panel and a video tuning indicator on the status line.

The CT2100 has been designed so that it may be used either as a receive-only device or a KSR (keyboard - send - receive) terminal with the optional KB2100 keyboard. There is a serial RS232 printer port on the rear panel. Other rear panel jacks include:   Audio Input, Tape Audio Input, Audio Output, Tape Audio Output, Monitor Audio Output, Scope Output (Mark and Space), RS232 input, Loop Keyer Output, KOS Output, Negative and positive CW Key Outputs, Video Output and KB2100 jack.

Size:  16.75W x 3.625H x 10.375D inches 16 Lbs.

The Hal CT2200 is very similar buts adds selective call, programmable message or "brag tape" storage and non-volatile memory.

Order # Model Description Price Order
  KB2100 Keyboard for transmitting INFO Discontinued
  MSG2100 Non-volative 2000 character storage ROM. Discontinued
  RM2100 Rack mounting kit Discontinued
  RS2100 RTTY Tuning Scope INFO Discontinued

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