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Field Day 2 Specifications | I/O Jacks

Kantronics Field Day

The Kantronics Field Day lets you decode Morse code and Baudot RTTY, all in a portable, self-contained package. Read messages directly from the the ten alphanumeric, 14 segment, half inch red LEDs. Enjoy Morse code with automatic speed tracking from 3 to 80 words per minute. Baudot RTTY can also be decodes at 60, 67, 75 and 100 WPM. The Field Day simply requires audio (8 ohm or 100 ohms) from your receiver or transceiver. A built in speaker assists the operator in centering the signal. Rear panel jacks are provided for code key input, and TTL output. There is a built-in 24 hour clock.

Operates from 117 VAC 60 Hz 6 watts.

The Kantronics Field Day 2 (shown above) is similar but additionally adds ASCII reception at 110 and 300 baud.

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