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Global Maritime Distress
and Safety System

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GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) is an automated DSC (digital signal calling) marine distress teletype mode. This system has been adopted for worldwide use and replaces the Morse code and voice distress transmissions used in past years. This system can be activated from the ship's bridge at the touch of a button. Tied to the ship's GPS system; the GMDSS transmission will automatically transmit the ship's name, ship's location and other information.

The GMDSS traffic calls occur on:  2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577 and 16804.5 kHz.
The GMDSS emergency calls occur on:  2187.5 and 8414.5 kHz.

These transmissions can be heard with a very high quality, stable, communications receiver or with a specialized watch receiver like the JRC NRD-220. Watch receivers have the ability to continuously monitor the required channels. The specially formated GMDSS teletype protocol, cannot be decoded by most hobby type decoders, but is supported in the Universal M-8000v7/v7.5.


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