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Universal M-1000

The Universal M-1000 card requires just one full-size slot in a PC. Now you can receive standard and sophisticated modes, previously only available on expensive dedicated units. This board contains advanced demodulators to ensure legible reception even under adverse reception conditions. Variable shifts from 60 to 1200 Hz are possible as well as low or high tone pairs and modem tone sets. Standard reception modes are included such as Morse Code, Baudot RTTY and SITOR A&B. Packet at both 300 and 1200 baud is available. Advanced diplo-military modes such as ARQ-M2, ARQ-E, ARQ-E3 and ASCII are supported. Many user features are available to enhance your radioteletype listening. Multiple Scroll Inhibit (MSI) removes blank lines, Automatic Threshold Control (ATC) provides reception during mark-only or space-only reception. Over Print Inhibit (OPI) prevents overprinting on your printer. Sel-Cal capability allows your computer to print only on selected subjects received. Advanced RTTY enthusiasts will appreciate the Databit and Literal modes, helpful in protocol identification. For FAX reception (only) your computer must have either an EGA or VGA monitor (color or mono). The video quality of your FAX intercepts will amaze you. The detail and resolution on your monitor will rival that previously seen only on printed output. Advanced FAX imaging includes false-color and zoom features. FAX images as well as text traffic can be saved on to disk for later retrieval or analysis. Despite the sophistication of this device, operation is easy through on-screen menus, status indicators and help windows. User programmable memories are supported, and you can select your own screen colors. Audio input for a single receiver is via an RCA phono jack. The M-1000 comes with an informative Owner's Manual and 3 inch DOS diskette. Made in the U.S.A.

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#5446 M1000 OM Owner's Manual (as supplied).   $10.00

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