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Info-Tech M-605
FDM Demodulator


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Info-Tech M-605

The Info-Tech M-605 can be used with decoders such as the M-600 or M-6000 for the reception of Frequency Division Multiplex (FDM) and Very Narrow Shift (VNS) RTTY signals. The M-605 covers the standard HF and satellite shifts. Modes include:  FDM 120 Hz, 24 channel, FDM 170 Hz 16 channels, FDM 240 Hz 12 channel, FDM satellite 50 channel, VNS 1200 Hz center, VNS 1500 Hz center, VNS 1800 Hz center and VNS 1200 Hz center. The M-605 is built in an all metal cabinet. Indicators include:  Mark, Space, Level, Lock, Normal, Reverse, tuning bar, Status, Speed and Mode. Please note that this device demands a very stable, high quality receiver and considerable teletype knowledge by the operator. The rear panel has ¼ inch I/O Jacks for Data, FM In, HF In and HF Out.

With Owner's Manual. Requires 115 VAC 50/60 Hz 12 watts. 16.375 x 2 x 7.5 inches. 5 lbs.
The M-605 may be rack mounted with optional rack ears #1657.

Order # Model Description Price Order
#1657 M605/610 Rack Ears M-605/610 Mounting brackets for a 19 inch rack.
Light blue, screws not supplied.  VIEW
  $11.98 Order
#2839 M 605 OM Owner's Manual (as supplied).   $  7.00 Order

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