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Universal M-8000v7
on Navy EP-3E Orion

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Universal M-8000 Navy

The biggest single user of the Universal M-8000v7 is the United States Navy. This sophisticated device is used for both ship board and aircraft installations. The following is an unsolicited comment from an M-8000 user (now retired).

I just retired from the Navy after twenty great years as a Cryptologic Technician. The picture of me was taken aboard a Lockheed EP-3E Orion about three years ago. The purpose of the shot was to illustrate a very successful configuration. Don't be too shocked at the age of most of the gear. This iteration of the EP-3E is going through a significant upgrade, bringing the plane into, oh, about the 80's I guess.

And of course, I'm sure you'll recognize your Universal M-8000 decoder behind me. It is on its side because I had two other portable PC's on my little workbench when we were on-station. Thank God for velcro! The white cable is the video output, which ran to an A/B switch to share a single monitor between one of the PC's and the M-8000. The two audios were run behind a plate and to the patch panel.

While I can't provide you the details of what I used the M-8000 for, I CAN tell you this little box is responsible for some eyebrow-raising intel gains, (let me tell you, the U.S. military isn't the only country going to commercial-off-the-shelf stuff). More importantly, the M-8000 really helped me support a lot of folks who had to go in harm's way. The Universal M-8000 is a true champ, and you should be proud of it. I thank you for your fine product.

With great respect I am,
Frank B. Williams, CTR (NAC), USN (ret).

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