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Low Pass AM
Broadcast Filter

for Longwave DXers

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AM Band Rejection Filters 

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The Par BCST-LPF is designed to help long wave DXers cope with interference from stations above 540 kHz ... especially nearby AM stations. Strong AM stations may cause the front-end of a receiver to overload. This may cause an AM (medium wave) station to appear on the long wave band.

The Par BCST-LPF is a 5 pole elliptic low pass filter designed to eliminate AM broadcast problems in the 0 to 500 kHz range. The housing has an SO-239 jack for input and one for output (accepts standard PL259 plugs). A bypass switch is featured to take the filter out of line.

The bandpass is 0 to 500 kHz.
The minimum attenuation for 500-1600 kHz is 32 dB.
The stop band is 540 kHz to 300 MHz.

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