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NCS 3230
Audio Console
Modes of Operation

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Normal Mode NCS 3240


Normal Mode NCS 3240

The 3230 has two monitoring modes. In the NORMAL mode, send any radios to the Left, Right or Both speakers. When Both speakers are selected, the audio appears in the Center of the audio field with the volume boosted by 3dB so the sound from the selected radio(s) stands out. A Master Volume control is provided along with a Balance Control to place you in the center of the audio field for maximum effect.

The SPATIAL mode on the other hand establishes up to six “virtual” speakers resulting in each of the radios appearing in a different pre-determined position in the audio field. Pressing the Center pushbutton for a specific radio(s) brings that radio(s) to the center of the audio field. De-selecting the Center pushbutton for any radio(s) returns that radio(s) to its pre-determined position in the audio field.

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