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High Pass AM
Broadcast Filter

for shortwave listeners

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AM Band Rejection Filters 

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The Par BCST-HPF is designed to help shortwave listeners cope with interference from stations under 1700 kHz ... especially nearby AM stations. Strong AM stations may cause the front-end of a receiver to overload. This may cause an AM (medium wave) station to appear on the shortwave band.

The Par BCST-HPF is a 7 pole elliptic filter designed to eliminate AM broadcast station problems on shortwave. The housing has an SO-239 jack for input and one for output (accepts standard PL259 plugs). A bypass toggle switch is featured to take the filter out of line.

The bandpass is 1.8 to 200 MHz.
The minimum attenuation for below 1700 kHz is 41 dB.
The notch band is 0 kHz to 1700 kHz.

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