Eton ARCBB202C
Blackout Buddy Color

Flashlight/Night Light

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Eton Blackout Buddy

The Eton Blackout Buddy Color looks like a simple night light, but it is a whole lot more!
It is your constant emergency LED flashlight and multi-color night light. Just leave the Blackout Buddy plugged into an AC wall outlet. You may adjust it for three colors, as shown above: a clean white countertop, calming blue bedroom or cool mint bathroom. The controls are simple. Set the slide switch to DARK and the device will automatically come on when it is dark. Set it to AUTO for motion activation. This is a great function if you have the Buddy set in a bathroom or a hall way.

The Buddy also is a great item during power outages as it instantly becomes a long lasting LED emergency flashlight. A great holiday gift for anyone and everyone! Sold singly.

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