Samlex MSK-90v2
Solar Charging Kit

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Samlex MSK-90

The Samlex MSK-90 v2 Solar Charging Kit is portable easy to use! Just unfold, plug in and start charging. Capture the power of the sun without complicated installations, brackets or electrical diagrams. The 10 Amp controller is built into the back panel. Adjustable legs allow for easy directing. Each kit comes with a convenient insulated carrying case that also protects the panels when stored. This is an extremely well constructed, quality item. Size open: 40.75 x 25.39 x 1.18 inches 25.2 lbs.

Your Kit Includes:
Three 30 Watt Solar Modules
10 Amp Charge Controller on back panel
Pair of Anderson Connectors & Battery Clamps, 14 foot cable
Insulated Carrying Case

We put the MSK-90 v2 to good use during 2016 Field Day ops on the front lawn of Universal.
Click here to see the MSK-90 v2 charging the batteries of Eric's KC8XJ FTDX1200 station.

The battery shown is not included. This system will charge a variety of batteries.

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