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Yaesu MEK-2
Mic Extension Kit

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Yaesu MEK-2

The Yaesu MEK-2 microphone extension kit is a junction box for use with many Yaesu transceivers, including the FT-8800R. It allows connecting a variety of mobile microphones that have round 8 pin plugs. The supplied items include the MEK-2 junction box, a modular to modular microphone extension cable 9.8 feet (3 m), double sided adhesive tape, 2 tapping screws and 2 machine screws. Each side of the MEK-2 has a modular jack. The left side is for the Mic/Controller and the right side is for the transceiver. Please note that Yaesu desk mics such as the MD-100A8X will not work on Yaesu mobile radios due to differences in impedance.

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