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ICOM 2720H
Crossband Repeat

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Crossband Repeat

You can use almost any Icom handheld to contact your 2720H back in your vehicle for crossband repeating. Then your mobile can relay your transmission to a repeater for even greater range. And receiving a signal back is just as simple. The repeater sends it to your mobile, which relays it to your handheld. (The T90A handheld in the above illustration is sold separately). Many older Icom HTs can be used as well. Before setting up crossband repeating, make sure you are familiar with FCC regulations dealing with remote bases.

The ICOM IC-2720H supports crossband repeat and this feature may be activated by simple key strokes as follows:

To invoke this function:
Set the frequencies
Press LOW and DUP, then press SET for two seconds
Two flashing Ls will appear on the display

To exit this function:
Press LOW and DUP, then press SET for two seconds


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