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Alinco DR-735T
144/440 MHz Mobile

Order #0735
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Alinco DR-735T

The Alinco DR-735T dual-bander covers the 2 meter and 440 amateur bands supporting full crossband repeat operation. Power may be selected at 50, 20 or 5 watts. Intuitive operation is assured with separate volume, squelch and tuning knobs for each band. The extra large display supports selectable multi-color RGB backlighting. 1000 Memories are available. The head is remoteable. The rear panels has two speaker ports. The advanced 10F3 digital mode with speech compression technology is available via the optional EJ-47U board. Supplied with EMS-79 backlit DTMF microphone.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#6381 EDS8 EDS-8 Microphone plug adapter (converts 8 pin plug to modular). $43.00 $29.95
#6668 EDS-30 EDS-30 Head separation kit 16 feet (5m). INFO $54.95 $48.95
#2027 EJ-47U EJ-47U Digital GMSK voice board. INFO $312.00 $169.98
#6558 EMS79 EMS-79 Hand mic with Up/Down and DTMF. [as supplied]. $67.95 $59.95
#1695 ERW7 ERW-7 PC Interface USB Cable. $65.00 $45.95
#6710   APK-735-USB RT Systems Windows XP/Vista/7(32&64 bit) Windows 8,
Windows 8.1 (full version), Windows 10 programming
software CD with USB-29A programming cable.  INFO
$49.00 $44.95

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#0735 16-C A[370]350/320 160/210 JP 08/17