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Yaesu FTM-10R
144/430 MHz 50/40W

Yaesu FTM-10SR
144/430 MHz 10/  7W

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Yaesu FTM-10R

  • 500 Alpha Memories
  • Clock with Event Timer
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • Dual Receive
  • Club Channel Monitor
  • VOX with automatic audio delay
  • Extended Receive
  • AM & FM Broadcast Band
  • Smart Search
  • Built in mic
  • Intercom Feature (requires options)
  • High Power 8W Audio Amp for PA
  • WIRES™ Ready

The Yaesu FTM-10R dual bander operates on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. And it is just the ticket for outdoor motor sports communications! High power output is featured with 50 watts on 2 meters and 40 watts on 430 MHz. Three power levels are available for 2M/440:  50/40, 20/20 and 5/5 watts. Very extended receive includes:  0.5-1.8 [AM band], 76-108 [FM band], 108-137, 137-174, 174-222, 300-420, 420-470, 470-800 MHz and 800-999 MHz (less USA cellular blocked). And the FTM-10R features a rugged die cast chassis that can take punishment. Requires 13.8 VDC at 8.5 Amps. 4.5 x 1.6 x 7 inches 2.9 lbs. (112x38x178mm). Your FTM-10R comes with:  Mobile Mounting Bracket, Angle Adapter, Spare Fuses, Separation Cable (10 foot), DC Power Cord, Magnet, Front Panel Bracket, Speaker Cable and Hex Wrench (4/3 mm). Please note that this radio has a built-in mic that is activated by the PTT button on top of the radio. If a conventional hand mic is desired, it must be ordered separately. There are many options available for different mounting applications.

The Yaesu FTM-10SR lower power version is 10 watts on 2 meters and 7 watts on 440 MHz. The case of the FTM-10SR is more aerodynamic and completely waterproof. It can be mounted right on the bike/boat rain or shine (see optional mounts). It requires 13.8 VDC.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
    AMK-1 Antenna base for YHA-M10 INFO Discontinued
  Yaesu BH1 BH-1 Bluetooth® stereo headset (requires BU-1, CAB-1, FEP-4).
It is illegal to have both ears covered while driving in some locales.
  [BH-1A] BH-1A Bluetooth® stereo headset (requires BU-1 or BU-2, CAB-1, FEP-4).
It is illegal to have both ears covered while driving in some locales.
  [BH-2A] BH-2A Bluetooth mono headset (requires BU-1 or BU-2, CAB-1). Discontinued
  Yaesu BU1 BU-1 Bluetooth® adapter unit for radio. INFO Discontinued
  BU-2 BU-2 Bluetooth adapter unit for the radio. Not in stock
    BTK1 Bluetooth kit consists of: BH-1A, BU-1 and CAB-1. Discontinued
  Yaesu CAB1 CAB-1 Charger sleeve for BH-1/1A/2A. Discontinued
    COX-2MM Antenna cable Discontinued
  Yaesu CT-M10 CT-M10 Separation cable (20 foot). Discontinued
  Yaesu CT-M11 CT-M11 External headset connection bare cable. INFO Discontinued
  FEP4 FEP-4 Earphone for BH-1. Discontinued
  FP1023 FP-1023 Switching power supply 13.8 VDC at 23 Amps. Not in stock
  Yaesu MEKM10 MEK-M10 Microphone adapter jack INFO Discontinued
  Yaesu MH68A6J MH-68A6J DTMF Hand Microphone. VIEW Discontinued
  Yaesu MH68B6J MH-68B6J Hand Microphone Discontinued
  Yaesu MLS200 MLS-200-M10 Weatherproof external speaker for FTM-10R/10SR INFO Not in stock
  Yaesu MMB-M10 MMB-M10 Multi-angle Stand Bracket VIEW Discontinued
  Yaesu MMB-M11 MMB-M11 Multi-angle Handle Bar Bracket VIEW Discontinued
    YHA-M10 Mobile antenna (requires AMK-1, COX-2MM) INFO Discontinued
  Nifty Mini Manual MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual contains 12
laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. VIEW

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#0813 07-13 D[495] 380/300 Q000/000 JP 07/13
#4907 07-11 D[460] 360/200 Q090/110 JP 01/21