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144/440 MHz Mobile


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Icom ID-800H

Enter the world of Digital Radio with the Icom ID-880H 2m/440 dual band mobile. The ID-880H can transmit and receive D-STAR format digital voice and 950 bps data communication, simultaneously. Analog FM mode is also available. Output power may be selected at 50, 15 or 5 watts. The receive range (USA version) is:  118-173.995, 230-549.995, 810-823.990, 849-868.990 and 894-999.990 MHz. Supported modes include:  FM, AM (receive only) and DV. You get 1052 memory channels in 26 banks, with 8 character channel names. CTCSS/DTCS tone encode/decode is standard. Weather receive with weather alert is supported. The ID-880H comes with the HM-133 DTMF mic, OPC-1154A separation cable, mobile mounting bracket, remote head bracket, mic hanger, OPC-1132 DC power cord and spare fuses. This radio requires 13.8 VDC 12.5 Amps. Free CS/80/880 programming software is available from the Icom website.
See QST January 2010 for a review of this radio.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  HM133 HM-133 Backlit electret condenser DTMF hand mic with Up-Down and remote.
Modular plug [as supplied]. VIEW
#4968 HM154 HM-154 Electret condenser hand mic with Up-Down.
No DTMF keypad.  Modular plug. INFO
$55.00 $40.95
#3290 HM154T HM-154T Electret condenser DTMF hand mic with Up-Down. Modular plug. VIEW $90.00 $66.95
  MB120 MB-120 Mobile Mounting Bracket for Front Panel [Requires remote control bracket]. Discontinued
#3236 OPC347 OPC-  347 DC Cord (20 Amp) 23.0 feet (7 m). $70.00 $54.95
#0223 OPC440 OPC-  440 Microphone extension cable 16.4 feet (5 m). $100.00 $74.95
  OPC441 OPC-  441 Speaker extension cable 16.4 feet (5 m). Discontinued
#4886 OPC478UC OPC-478UC USB PC to ID880 cloning cable with Windows USB drivers CD. INFO $72.00 $49.95
#1120 OPC589 OPC-  589 Mic adapter cable (connects 8 pin mic to radio's modular mic jack). $45.00 $34.95
#2990 OPC1132 OPC-1132 DC Cord (Double fused, 20 Amp) 9.8 feet (3 m). $45.00 $34.95
#4735 Icom OPC-1529 OPC-1529R Serial RS232 PC data or GPS cable. $41.00 $29.95
#1047 SM-25 SM-26 Desk mic with built in preamp to modular plug. INFO $120.00 $89.95
  SP-10 SP-10 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. Discontinued
#5874 SP-35 SP-35 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. VIEW $77.00 $59.95
D-Star Repeater Click here for information on D-Star Repeaters  
#5423 MiniManual MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual contains 23 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. VIEW $24.95 $20.98
#1842 E-Z D-STAR E-Z Guide to D-STAR Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation by Bernie Lafreniere N6FN. INFO $13.95 $13.95
#4109 USB-RTS-05 USB-RTS-05 RT Systems D-Star data transfer cable only.   $30.00 $29.95

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