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Icom IC-2800H
144/440 MHz 50/35 W


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Discontinued Amateur Mobile Transceivers 

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Icom 2800H

  • Encode/Decode
  • Packet 1200/9600 Ready
  • 99 Memories Per Band
  • 6 Scan Edge Memories
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Independent Controls
  • Built-in Duplexer
  • Color TFT
  • Four Output Levels
  • Remote Head
  • Tone Scan
  • DTMF Hand Mic
  • Air band receive
  • Controller Bracket Supplied

You have never seen a dual band mobile that looks like the Icom IC-2800H! It has a stunning 3 inch (diagonal), multifunction color LCD display. You can even select from four screen formats. There is even a external video input jack (RCA phono 75 ohm). Independent tuning knobs for each band are featured. There are plenty of memories. For each band you get:  99 regular, 6 scan edge, 5 log and repeater and 1 call channel. The IC-2800H supports V/U, U/V crossband and VHF air receive. Receive coverage is 118-174 and 430-450 MHz. Other features include bandscope, 1200/9600 Packet port and full backlit hand mic. Power output is 50/20/10/5 watts on 2 meters and 35/20/10/5 watts on 440 MHz. This radio requires 13.8 VDC at 12 amps. The IC-2800H comes with the HM-98 remote control, backlit hand mic, MB-73 controller bracket kit, mobile mounting bracket, DC power cable, spare fuses and 11.5 foot (3.5 m) separation cable.

Main unit size:  5.5 x 1.6 x 6.6 inches (140x40x167 mm). Controller size:  5.5 x 2.75 x 1.4 inches (140x70x35 mm).
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Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CS2800 CS-2800 Windows programming software on 3.5 inch disk (requires OPC-478).
Click here to view screen.
  EX-1513 EX-1513 Used with the EX-1759 to extend the controllable area. Discontinued
  EX-1759 EX-1759 Infrared receiver required for the HM-90A. Discontinued
  HM-90 HM-90 Wireless microphone (requires EX-1759). INFO Discontinued
  HM-95 HM-95 Up-Down DTMF hand mic. VIEW Discontinued
    HM-98 Up down DTMF hand mic with illuminated keys. Discontinued
  HM118TN HM-118TN Electret condenser DTMF hand microphone with switchable Up-Down buttons. Modular plug.
Click here to view.
   HM154T HM-154T Electret condenser DTMF hand mic with Up-Down. Modular plug. VIEW Discontinued
  MB-17A MB-17A A one-touch mobile bracket for the transceiver body. Discontinued
  MB-65 MB-65 Mounts the controller unit at a convenient, adjustable angle. Discontinued
    MB-73 Mounts the controller unit to a wall or flat surfaced (as supplied). Discontinued
  MB120 MB-120 Mounts the control head at a convenient angle. Replaces MB-65. Discontinued
    OPC-346 DC Cord (20 Amp) 9.8 feet (3 m). Discontinued
  OPC347 OPC-347 DC Cord (20 Amp) 23 feet (7 m). Discontinued
   OPC440 OPC-440 Microphone extension cable 16.4 feet (5 m). Discontinued
   OPC474 OPC-474 Cable for transceiver to transceiver cloning. Discontinued
  OPC478 OPC-478 Cable for PC to transceiver cloning. DB9F to 3 conductor 3.5mm mini plug. Discontinued
   OPC589 OPC-589 Mic adapter cable (8 pin to modular). Discontinued
  OPC647 OPC-647 Microphone extension cable 8.2 feet (2.5 m). Discontinued
    OPC-837 Radio to remote head cable [as supplied with radio]. Discontinued
  SP-10 SP-10 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. Discontinued
    UT-49 DTMF Decoder. Discontinued

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