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Kenwood TM-G707A
144/440 MHz 50/35 W


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From the extra-large control panel with the welcoming glow of its amber-colored LCD to Kenwood's Easy Operation mode, the TM-G707A is extraordinarily user-friendly ... an important consideration for a mobile rig. This mobile transceiver provides 50 (50/10/5W) watts on 2 meters and 35 (35/10/5W) watts on 440 MHz. The TM-G707A offers features such as:  memory name function (7 character), S-meter squelch, time-out timer, encode/decode, dimmer, auto power-off and supplied MC-53DM backlit DTMF hand mic. Non-simultaneous cross-band repeater access is supported. A 6 pin mini DIN connector for 1200/9600 bps packet is provided.

Receive coverage is 118-174 and 410-524 MHz F3E (FM) (double conversion superheterodyne). Transmit range is 144-148 and 430-450 MHz F3E (FM). Size:  5.5 x 1.7 x 7.4 inches 2.65 lbs. (140x40x190mm 1.2kg). Includes MC-53DM hand mic. Requires 13.8 VDC at 11 Amps.

  • 180 Alpha Memories
  • Big Display
  • DTMF Hand Mic.
  • Auto Repeater Offset
  • Guide Function
  • Dimmer
  • Time Out Timer
  • Visual Scan
  • Priority Scan
  • Auto Simplex Checker
  • DTSS Selective Call
  • PL Decode/Encode
  • Packet 1200/9600 Din
  • Hi/Med/Lo RF Out

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  DFK3C DFK-3C Front Panel Kit: panel mount, cushion and 9.9 ft (3 m) panel cable. Discontinued
  DFK4C DFK-4C Front Panel Kit: panel mount, cushion, 13.1 foot (4 m) panel cable, and 13.1 foot (4 m) mic cable. Discontinued
  DFK7C DFK-7C Front Panel Kit: panel mount, cushion, 23 foot (7m) panel cable, 23 foot (7m) mic cable, 16.4 ft (5m) speaker cable and 19.7 ft (6 m) power cable. Discontinued
  MB-201 MB-201 Purchase this under-dash mount for a second vehicle (there are certain restrictions on installation). Discontinued
    MC-53DM Illuminated DTMF hand mic [modular plug]. Discontinued
   MC60A MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). (requires MJ-88 #1539). Discontinued
   MC80 MC-80 Deluxe desk mic with preamp (requires MJ-88 #1539). Discontinued
  MJ88 MJ-88 Modular to 8 pin microphone plug adapter. Not in stock
  PG-2N PG-2N Extra DC cable for second vehicle. Not in stock
   PG3B PG-3B Noise Filter power cable. Discontinued
  PG4S PG-4S PC connection cable. Discontinued
  PG4T PG-4T Connection cable to VC-H1. Discontinued
   PG5A PG-5A TNC Data Cable. Discontinued
  SP50 SP-50B Matching mobile speaker for improved fidelity and clarity. Discontinued
  VCH1 VC-H1 Interactive Visual Communicator (SSTV). INFO Discontinued
  VS3 VS-3 This plug-in option announces the frequency in use. Not in stock
#2419 K29-5222-03 K29-5222-03 Replacement volume knob for TM-G707A/D700A. VIEW  VIEW PKG $  14.00 $    4.98 Order
#3555 Nifty Card REF CARD Nifty map sized laminated reference card [8 x 4 inches]. VIEW $    6.95 $    4.98 Order

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