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Alinco DR-135TMkIII
144-148 MHz 50 Watt
Black Case

  Out of stock  

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  Alinco DR-135T

  • 100 Memories
  • Front Panel GPS Input for APRS
  • Ignition Key On/Off Feature
  • Ten Autodial Memories
  • Encode/Decode
  • Theft Deterrent System
  • Large Alphanumeric LCD
  • Timer Out Timer
  • Airband Receive
  • Optional TNC
  • DTMF Microphone
  • Dimmer

The Alinco DR-135 series features a full-featured 2 Meter 50 watt FM transceiver with an alphanumeric display (up to seven characters), 100 memory channels aircraft (AM mode) plus extended receive. Three power outputs (50/10/5 watts) are available. CTCSS encode and decode are standard. The receive range is 118-135.995 MHz (AM) and 136-173.995 MHz (FM). This radio is 5.55 x 1.61 x 6.06 inches 1.9 lbs. (141x41x154mm 0.86 kg). The DR-135 series each include the EMS-57 DTMF Hand Mic, mobile bracket, ADUA38 DC cord, alarm cable and mounting hardware. The current product is the Alinco DR-135TMkIII.

The DR-135T has a black case. The pewter colored versions are no longer available.
The "P" versions included the EJ-41U Packet option factory installed.

Click here to view DR-235T .

DR-135 Version Chart
Order # Model Case Color Built-In List Price Your Price Order
  DR-135TMkIII Black.    Out of stock
  DR-135TPMkIII Black. EJ-41U TNC Discontinued
  DR-135TG Pewter    Discontinued
  DR-135TPG Pewter EJ-41U TNC Discontinued

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ADUA38 ADUA38 Fused DC power cord [as supplied]. VIEW Out of stock
     EDC-37 Power activaton cable (turns off radio via cigar plug sensor when car is off).
This cable does not power the radio!
Not in stock
  EJ41U EJ-41U Internal Packet TNC Board. 1200/9600 bps.
Supplied with Instruction Manual on 3.5 inch disk. VIEW
Out of stock
#4411 EJ40U EJ-40U Digital voice board (requires two similarly equipped transceivers).
For earlier non-MkII/III versions. INFO.
$136.40 $59.98 Order
  EJ47U EJ-47U Digital GMSK voice board. INFO Not currently stocked
  EMS5A EMS-5A Electret condenser hand mic with Up/Down (no DTMF). VIEW. Discontinued
    EMS14 EMS-14 Desk Mic with 8 pin plug. Click here for more info. Not in stock
#4864   EMS-53 Plain hand mic (no DTMF). 8 pin round Foster plug. $52.65 $39.98 Order
    EMS-56 Electret condenser hand mic with Up/Down and DTMF. Discontinued
  EMS57 EMS-57 Electret condenser hand mic with Up/Down and DTMF.
Has switch for Lock and DTMF On/Off. VIEW
Not currently stocked
  EMS74 EMS-74 Hand mic with Up/Down and DTMF.
Has switch for Lock and DTMF On/Off. VIEW
Out of stock
  ERW4 ERW-4C PC Interface Serial RS232 Cable [DB-9F] Discontinued
#1695 ERW7 ERW-7 PC Interface USB Cable INFO $65.00 $38.985 Order
  HK130 HK-130 Hardware kit for ADF78 [MB-130] with parts, wrench and two 15 AMP fuses. VIEW. Not currently stocked
  MB130 ADFM78 MB-130 Mobile mounting bracket (as supplied). VIEW. Not currently stocked

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