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Kenwood TM-261A
144 MHz 50 Watt

Kenwood TM-461A
440 MHz 35 Watt


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Kenwood TM-261A

  • 61 Memories
  • Multi Scanning
  • DTMF Memory
  • Auto Power Off
  • Lock Function
  • Mil-Std 810C/D
  • DTSS Selective Call
  • CTCSS Tone Encode
  • Auto Repeater Offset
  • Repeater Reverse Switch

Mobile communications is easier thanks to the Kenwood TM-261A 2 meter transceiver. It is fully equipped, sturdily built and supremely user-friendly. The TM-261A provides 50 watts output (50/10/5 watts). All 61 memory channels can be identified alphanumerically. The TM-261A includes airband receive, auto-power off and auto repeater offset.

Choose from several scan modes:  full band scan, programmable band scan, and memory scan with programmable memory channel lock-out. There are also two scan stop modes: TO (time-operated) and CO (carrier-operated). The supplied multi-function microphone has backlit keys to facilitate operation in low-light situations. Up to ten 15-digit DTMF codes with ID can be stored for auto-dial and autopatch use. Redial is also provided. Size:  5.5 x 1.7 x 6.7 inches 2.2 lbs. (140x40x162mm 1 kg). Requires 13.8 VDC @11 Amps. Includes MC-58DM backlit DTMF mic with modular plug.

The Kenwood TM-461A transmits on 440 MHz with three output power levels:  5/10/35 watts.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  KPS15 KPS-15 Switching power supply 13.8 VDC at 23 Amps. Not in stock
  MB-201 MB-201 Purchase this under-dash mount for a second vehicle (there are certain restrictions on installation). Discontinued
  MC58DM MC-58DM Illuminated DTMF hand mic [modular plug] (as supplied). Discontinued
  MC60A MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). (requires MJ-88 #1539). Not in stock
  Kenwood MC-80 MC-80 A deluxe desk mic with preamp (requires MJ-88 #1539). Discontinued
  Kenwood MJ88 MJ-88 Modular to 8 pin microphone plug adapter. Not in stock
  Kenwood PG2N PG-2N Extra DC cable for second vehicle. Not in stock
   Kenwood PG3B PG-3B DC power line noise filter. Not in Stock
  Kenwood SP50 SP-50B Matching mobile speaker for improved fidelity and clarity. INFO Discontinued
   Kenwood TSU8 TSU-8 CTCSS Tone Decoder. Discontinued

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