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Kenwood PG2N
DC Power Cable

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Kenwood PG2N

The Kenwood PG2N DC Power Cable features two fuse holders. One on the positive wire and one on the negative wire. Both feature a replaceable 20 amp fuse.

The PG2N power cord can be used with many Kenwood models including:
Kenwood TM-201B
Kenwood TM-261A
Kenwood TM-401B
Kenwood TM-742A
Kenwood TM-2530A
Kenwood TM-2550A
Kenwood TM-2550E
Kenwood TM-2570A
Kenwood TM-D700A
Kenwood TM-G707A
Kenwood TM-V7A
Kenwood TR-751A
Kenwood TR-751E

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