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Icom CS2100 Screen Icom CS2100 Screen

Are you wondering what exactly can ICOM software do for you? The programming software, such as the CS-2100, allows you to quickly program the memory channels and other operating parameters: output power, CTCSS tones, repeater offsets, set mode items, and so on. Sure, you could do all this from the front panel controls, but it takes more time with a large number of channels, and there is no way to backup the data. With the programming software you can save all of your customized settings and memory channel data into a file for safe keeping. This is particularly useful for backup purposes, or if you have more than one radio and wish to program all of them with identical memory channels. You can even share the file with your friends who own the IC-2100H mobiles.

The IC-2100H, like most recent ICOM Amateur radios, is PC ready. The transceiver's external speaker jack doubles as a programming port. The OPC-478 programming cable is used to connect the IC-2100H to the PC via the RS-232 serial port. Level converter circuit is built right into the cable, so no other interface hardware is needed. All programming operations are performed on the computer, the only operation required on the transceiver's side is power ON. You start by connecting the OPC-478 cable between the RS-232 serial port on the computer and the external speaker jack on the IC-2100H. Then, power up the computer and the transceiver. NOTE: PC serial port connections are hot swappable, nevertheless it is a good idea to have the computer turned off while connecting or disconnecting any external hardware. After making the cable connection, and powering both the PC and the radio, start the CS-2100 software and follow the instructions. The software will automatically detect the IC-2100H.

System Requirements:
IBM PC/AT or PS/2, RS-232C serial port, MS-DOS version 5.02 or higher. The OPC-478 programming cable has to be purchased separately.

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