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Icom IC-290A
144 MHz 10 Watts

Icom IC-290H
144 MHz 25 Watts

Icom IC-490A
440 MHz 10 Watts

Icom IC-120
1200 MHz 1 Watt

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  Icom IC-290H

  • 5 Memories
  • Priority
  • Simple Ergonomic Design
  • Scanning
  • Compact
  • LED
  • Receive 143.8 -148.1999 MHz
  • Hand Mic

The Icom IC-290A is a well-built 2 meter multimode mobile transceiver operating in FM, CW, USB and LSB modes providing 10 watts of power. There is also a setting for 1 watts output when less power is needed. The LED display is readable over a wide range of light. This radio has 5 memories. The frequency range is 143.8-148.199 MHz. This radio requires 13.8 VDC at 3.5 Amps. VIEW

The Icom IC-290H (shown above) is the same as the IC-290A, but transmits with 25 watts (instead of 10 watts) and requires 4.8 Amps.

The Icom IC-490A is the same as the IC-290A, but operates multimode on the 430-439.9999 MHz band instead of 2 meters and requires 3.3 amps. RF output is 10 watts. It has 4 memories instead of 5. It features an N-type antenna jack.

The Icom IC-120 is the similar to the IC-290A, but operates FM (only) on the 1200 MHz band instead of 2 meters and requires 2.5 amps. RF output is 1 watt.

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  BU-1 Memory Backup Unit (up to 4 hours) for IC-290A/490A. Discontinued
  HM-8 DTMF Hand mic Discontinued

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