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Alinco DR-150TQ
144-148 MHz 50 W


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  • 100 Memories
  • LITZ Capable
  • Memory Skip
  • Odd Offsets
  • DSQ Functions
  • 440 MHz Band Receive
  • Aircraft Band Receive
  • Channel Scope
  • Time Out Timer
  • DTMF Microphone

The Alinco DR-150TQ is loaded! Full 50 watts out on 2 Meters plus receive 440 MHz and receive aircraft band. The channel scope display functions in both VFO and memory mode. Two VFOs and 100 memories are featured. The DR-150TQ comes standard with 50 CTCSS tone encoder, 9600 bps/phone patch interface jack. The DTMF mic also permits direct frequency entry. The EJ-20U CTCSS Tone Squlech Decoder is standard in this "Q" version. This radio even supports air cloning and three power output levels (50/25/10 watts). The DR-150TQ includes the EMS-12 DTMF hand mic. This radio is 5.5 x 1.6 x 5.1 inches 1.8 lbs. (140x40x129mm 800g).

The earlier Alinco DR-150T version did not include the EJ-20U CTCSS decoder as standard.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ADUA38 ADUA38 Fused DC power cord [as supplied]. VIEW Not in stock
    EDS-5 Microphone extension cord Discontinued
  EJ20 EJ-20U Tone squelch unit (supplied in DR-150TQ version). Discontinued
    EMS-  5A Hand mic. Discontinued
    EMS-12 Hand mic with DTMF keypad [as supplied]. Discontinued
  HK130 HK-130 Hardware kit for MB-130 with parts, wrench and two 15A fuses. VIEW Not in stock
  MB130 ADFM78 MB-130 Extra mobile mounting bracket (for second vehicle). VIEW. Not in stock

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