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Yaesu FTM-3200DR
2M Mobile FM/C4FM

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Yaesu FTM-3200DR

  • System Fusion C4FM Digital Mode
  • 220 Alpha-Numeric Memory Channels
  • CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode
  • Extended Receive 136-174 MHz.
  • High Stability TCXO ±2.5 ppm
  • AMS (Automatic Mode Select)
  • 65/30/5 Watts
  • DSQ (Digital Squelch Code) Signaling
  • Severe Weather Alert
  • 3 Watts Audio

The Yaesu FTM-3200DR is a ruggedly built, compact C4FM/FM 2 meter mobile transceiver, providing up to 65 Watts to ensure stable long-distance communications. The front firing speaker delivers 3 Watts of loud and clear audio, even in noisy environments. And you get 220 alphanumeric memories: 199 “Regular” memories, one “Home” channel for a favorite frequency or repeater pair, and 10 sets of band-edge memories. And you can quickly select channels while in the Memory Only Mode. The supplied hand mic has four programmable keys for one-touch access to your favorite commands such as “Recall Home Channel,” “Scan Operation,” “Set the TX Power,” and “Open Squelch.” The commands available with the microphone replicate the corresponding front panel functions.

Other features include: CTCSS/DCS encode/decode with split Tone and DCS encode-only capability, RF Squelch, Transmit Time-Out-Timer (TOT), Automatic Power-Off (APO), Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS), Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO), Separate Transmit Frequency Memories (“Odd Splits”) and a bright multi-colored status LED cluster.

While the new FTM-3200DR is a solid and durable transceiver in keeping with Yaesu’s legendary mechanical toughness, it also incorporates new technology such as Automatic Mode Select (AMS), one of the most advanced features of System Fusion. The AMS mode instantly recognizes whether a transmission is digital or analog, and appropriately switches the operating mode to allow flawless co-existence of both digital and analog users. The versatile FTM-3200DR transceiver also utilizes the ever-popular Digital Group Monitor (GM) function; a terrific asset allowing users to see at a glance if registered members of a group are within communication range. A front panel LED indicates the transceiver's mode of operation with the received signal indicated by Blue for digital C4FM or Green for analog FM.

Please note that this model does not support connectivity to the HRI-200 as a WiRES-X Node Station nor accessibility to a Digital WiRES-X Node Station as a client. The FTM-3200DR does allow operators to access an analog WiRES-X Node Station as a client.
The VFR (Voice Full Rate) mode cannot be manually selected as communication mode. When receiving the VFR mode signal from other transceivers, the AMS automatically switches to the VFR mode as transmission mode. ("AUTO" must be selected from among the optional AMS function operations "TX Manual," "TX FM FIX," "TX DN FIX," or "AUTO.").

The FTM-3200DR comes with MH-48A6JA DTMF Microphone, USB Cable, Mounting Bracket, DC Power Cord, Operating Manual, Safety Guide and Warranty Card.

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#3640 Yaesu FP1030A FP-1030A Linear power supply 13.8 VDC at 30 Amps. $345.22 $269.95
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#6756 Nifty Mini Manual MM-FTM3200 Nifty spiral bound mini-manual
contains 12 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. INFO
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