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Yaesu FT-8100R
2M/440 Mobile


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Discontinued Amateur Mobile Transceivers 


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  • 310 Memories
  • Six Scan Modes
  • Dual LCD Display
  • DTMF Mic
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Theft-Deterrent Detachable Front Panel
  • CTCSS Encode
  • Built-in Duplexer
  • Mil-Std. 810 Rating
  • Packet 1200/9600 Ready
  • Dual Receive
  • Time-Out Timer

The Yaesu FT-8100R combines high power and a versatile memory system along with easy installation. This dual bander provides V+U, V+V or U+U operation. The easy-to-read dual band LCD display even has a DC voltage indication. The power output is 50/20/5 watts on 2 meters and 35/20/5 watts on 440 MHz. Extended receive is supported:  110-550 and 750-1300 MHz (less cellular).

The FT-8100's memory system provides 99 regular memories which store frequency, repeater offset, and tone information plus 4 band limit memories, plus a one-touch Home channel ... all this individually for VHF and UHF. In addition the 51 Smart Search memories per band bring the total memory capacity up to 310! Plus scanning is provided for every need including:
* Scanning through the VFO range
* Scanning within programmable sub-bands limits
* Scanning through the memory channels
* Scanning only through selected memories
* Scanning alternatively between VHF and UHF memory channels
* Scanning resumption after carrier drop or after a fixed 5 second delay

The supplied MH-36B6J mic has UP and DOWN buttons to tune or scan up or down the band or through memory channels. (However, direct frequency input from the mic is not supported).

The FT-8100R comes with the MH-36B6J programmable DTMF hand mic, MMB-36, mobile mounting bracket, DC cord and spare fuse. Size 5.5 x 1.6 x 6.5 inches (140x40x165 mm). Click here for specifications.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ADMS-2D Windows PC Programming Software on 3.5 inch disk with serial cable [DB9]. Discontinued
  FTS-22 CTCSS Decode. Discontinued
  MH-36B6J DTMF Hand mic [as supplied]. Discontinued
MMB-36 Standard mobile mounting bracket [As supplied]. VIEW Not in stock
  YSK-8100 Trunk Mounting Kit 19 foot. Discontinued

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