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Alinco DR-140TQ
144-148 MHz 50 W


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  • 51 Memories
  • VFO Scaning
  • Memory Scanning
  • Odd Offsets
  • Encode/Decode
  • Large LCD
  • Timer Out Timer
  • Airband Receive
  • Reverse Key
  • DTMF Microphone

The Alinco DR-140TQ is a full-featured 2 Meter 50 watt FM transceiver with an alphanumeric display (up to seven characters), 51 memory channels aircraft (AM) plus extended receive. Other extras include CTCSS plus four European tone bursts, MARS/CAP capability, 1200 baud Packet ready clean design, scanning and cloning features. This "Q" version includes CTCSS decode as standard. Power output is 50 or 5 watts. The receive range is 118-135.995 MHz (AM) and 136-173.995 MHz (FM). 5.6 x 1.61 x 6.1 inches 1.9 Lbs (141x41x154mm 0.86 kg). With EMS-45 DTMF hand mic.

The earlier Alinco DR-140T version did not include the EJ-20 CTCSS decoder as standard.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ADUA38 ADUA38 Fused DC power cord [as supplied]. VIEW Not in stock
#6381 EDS8 EDS-8 Microphone plug adapter (converts 8 pin mic plug to modular). $35.00 $16.98 Order
  EJ20 EJ-20U Tone squelch unit (supplied in DR-140TQ version). Discontinued
  EMS54 EMS-54 Electret condenser hand mic with Up/Down and DTMF. Has switch for Lock and DTMF On/Off.
Click here to view larger.
   HK130 HK-130 Hardware kit for MB-130 with parts, wrench and two 15A fuses. VIEW Not in stock
  MB130 ADFM78 MB-130 Extra mobile mounting bracket (for second vehicle). VIEW. Not in stock

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