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Icom IC-V8000
144 MHz 75 Watts


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Icom IC-V8000

  • Scanning
  • DTMF Encode (Decode optional)
  • 200 Alpha Memories
  • One Piece die-cast chassis
  • 10 dB Squelch Attenuator
  • Weather Alert and Weather Scan
  • 75 Watts Output
  • DCS Encode/Decode
  • CTCSS Encode/Decode
  • Remote Backlit Hand Mic

The Icom IC-V8000 is a powerhouse. This 2 meter FM mobile features high power output coupled with a rugged die-cast design and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display. You can even change the display from amber to green. The transmitter delivers a big 75 watts of output (75/25/10/5 watts selectable). You will be kept informed of weather emergencies with the Weather Alert and Weather Channel Scan features [USA version only]. The fully customizable memory system is awesome. A total of 207 channels (in ten banks) are supported (including 1 call channel and 6 scan edge channels). Each memory is alphanumeric and stores a 6 character name, tone frequency, skip info and more! The V8000 supports three types of scanning.

The supplied HM-133V remote control mic controls everything in the palm of your hand. Icom's exclusive Hot Keys lets you program the features that you use the most. The bigger backlit keys allow you to operate in low light conditions. This radio is supplied with:  HM-133V remote hand mic, OPC-1132 DC power cable, V8000 MMB mobile mounting bracket, spare fuses and mic clip.
The IC-V8000 was reviewed in the July 2002 issue of QST magazine.

Video Click here for video demonstration

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#3191   CSV8000 Windows 95/98/ME cloning software CD. Requires OPC-478. CLOSE-OUT. $42.00 $19.98 Order
  HM118TN HM-118TN Electret condenser DTMF hand microphone with switchable Up-Down buttons.
Modular plug. VIEW
#1091 HM133V HM-133V Remote backlit DTMF hand microphone. Modular plug. [As supplied]. $106.00 $71.98 Order
  HM154T HM-154T Electret condenser DTMF hand mic with Up-Down. Modular plug. VIEW Discontinued
  Icom MBF4 MBF-4 Mobile Mounting Bracket for the radio body. VIEW Not in stock
#0382   OPC-346 DC Cord (20 Amp) 9.8 feet (3 m). $45.00 $34.95 Order
#0223 OPC440 OPC-440 Microphone extension cable 16.4 feet (5 m). $100.00 $74.95 Order
  OPC441 OPC-441 Speaker extension cable 16.4 feet (5 m). Discontinued
#0918 OPC474 OPC-474 Cable for transceiver to transceiver cloning. $20.00 $16.95 Order
  OPC478 OPC-478 Cable for PC to transceiver cloning. DB9F to 3 conductor 3.5mm mini plug. Discontinued
  OPC478U OPC-478U USB PC to V8000 cloning cable with 3.5 diskette. INFO Discontinued
#4886   OPC-478UC USB PC to V8000 cloning cable with Windows CD. INFO $72.00 $49.95 Order
#1120 OPC589 OPC-589 Mic adapter cable (8 pin to modular). $45.00 $33.98 Order
  OPC647 OPC-647 Microphone extension cable 8.2 feet (2.5 m). Discontinued
#2990 OPC1132 OPC-1132 DC Cord (Double fused, 20 Amp) 9.8 feet (3 m). [As supplied]. $45.00 $29.98 Order
  SM-25 SM-25 Desk mic with built in preamp to modular plug. VIEW Discontinued
  SP-10 SP-10 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. Discontinued
  SP-35 SP-35 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. INFO Not in stock
  UT108 UT-108 DTMF Decoder Unit Discontinued
  V8000MMB V8000 MMB Mobile mounting bracket. (Replaced by the MBF-4). Discontinued
#3490 Nifty Card REF CARD Nifty map sized laminated reference card [8 x 4 inches]. VIEW $6.95 $4.98 Order

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