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Icom ID-4100A
144/440 MHz Mobile

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Icom ID-4100A

Enter the next generation of Digital Radio with the Icom ID-4100A 2m/440 dual band 50 watt mobile. The full dot-matrix display has easy-to-read characters and icons and you may select from four backlight colors:  white, green, amber or blue. There is a built-in GPS. The DR (D-STAR® Repeater) function is supported with the latest Icom user-interface. The exciting Terminal & Access Point Mode extends D-STAR coverage with the Internet (optional data cable and free-download application required). Extended receive covers 118-174 and 230-550 MHz. Hands-free Bluetooth® operation is possible with optional Bluetooth® unit and headset. Optional enhanced remote control apps will be available (will require Bluetooth® options). The ID-4100A has a compact, detachable head-controller for flexible installation. Requires MBA-8 for most installations. This radio includes:  HM-207S hand mic, OPC-837 controller cable, OPC-345B DC power cable, spare fuses and manual. Please note the mobile body mounting bracket is not included (see optional MBF-4).

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Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#4968 HM154 HM-154 Electret condenser hand mic with Up-Down.
No DTMF keypad!  Modular plug. INFO
$55.00 $38.98 Order
  HM207S HM-207S Hand DTMF microphone. [As supplied]. VIEW Not currently stocked
#6872 HM232 HM-232 Basic hand microphone (no DTMF) VIEW $45.00 $33.98 Order
#6870 Icom MBA8 MBA-8 Controller bracket INFO   $40.00 $31.95 Order
#2650 Icom MBF1 MBF-1 Suction Cup Mounting Base for control head. $85.00 $69.95 Order
#6307 Icom MBF4 MBF-4 Mobile Mounting Bracket for the radio body. VIEW $35.00 $28.95 Order
#6437   OPC-  345A DC Cord [As supplied]. $26.00 $22.95 Order
#0223 OPC440 OPC-  440 Microphone extension cable 16.4 feet (5 m). $100.00 $74.95 Order
#4886 OPC478UC OPC-478UC USB PC to radio cloning cable with Windows USB drivers CD. $72.00 $49.95 Order
#1120 OPC589 OPC-  589 Mic adapter cable (connects 8 pin mic to radio's modular mic jack). $45.00 $34.95 Order
#4485 OPC1156 OPC-1156 Remote head extension cable 11.4 feet (3.5 m). $20.00 $17.95 Order
  Icom OPC-1529 OPC-1529R Serial RS232 PC data or GPS cable. Discontinued
#6367 Icom OPC-2350LU OPC-2350LU Android™ 4.0/Windows® 7/8/10 app interface cable kit. INFO $75.00 $59.95 Order
#6438 SP-30 SP-30 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. INFO $110.00 $79.98 Order
#5874 SP-35 SP-35 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. VIEW $77.00 $59.95 Order
#6859 UT-137 UT-137 Bluetooth board. INFO
$99.00 $74.95 Order
#6231 VS-3 VS-3 Bluetooth ear piece microphone. Requires UT-137. INFO $149.00 $119.95 Order
#1842 E-Z D-STAR E-Z Guide to D-STAR Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation by Bernie Lafreniere N6FN. INFO $13.95 $12.98 Order
#0892 WCSD4100USB WCSD4100 RT Systems Windows 7(32&64 bit), 8/8.1 (full), 10
Software CD with RTS05 cable. INFO
$49.00 $39.98 Order
#6860 Repeater Map Book REPEATMAP ARTSCI Repeater Map Book
MMXX Edition   INFO
$19.95 $17.95 Order
  ARRL Repeater Directory REPEATER20 ARRL Repeater Directory 2020
Spiral bound. 560 pages. INFO

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#4100 17-C A[514-399] 460/300 170/240 JP 10/20