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Icom ID-4100A
Reservation $10.00

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ID-4100A Reservation


The Icom ID-4100A has not been F.C.C. approved, and Icom has not announced a price.
Although this radio is not yet offered for sale, you may reserve a priority space in line without obligation.
If you do not exercise your reservation to buy the radio you may request a full refund or apply the amount to other items.
As soon as this product is legally available for sale, Universal Radio will contact you to confirm your order.
The reservation fee of $10.00 will be applied against the cost of the radio or refunded if you change your mind.

As a bonus, reservation holders will also receive a FREE Universal anniversary coffee mug with their ID-4100A.

If you place your reservation on our website, please disregard any shipping amount or sales tax (if shown) for this reservation.

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