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Kenwood TM-D700A APRS

The Kenwood TM-D700A has everything you need to explore the exciting possibilities of APRS® ( Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System) ... and you don't even have to own a computer. If you know your current position, you can manually input latitude and longitude data for transmission to other members of your group or to anyone using APRS®. Of course, a compatible GPS unit will do this for you automatically and ensure accuracy. When you receive a friend's coordinates, you can display his latitude/longitude, direction and distance on your TM-D700A.

With an NMEA-0183 compatible GPS receiver you can transmit your exact position for automatic calculation of distance, current speed and heading. Any of the last 4 digits can be masked for variable position ambiguity if you wish to limit accuracy. You can also limit your own APRS reception from a maximum range of 2500 miles to just 10 miles.

Other supported functions include:  Grid square locator, Variable transmit interval (0.2,0.5,1,2,3,5,10,20,30 mins.), Packet path selection with Digipeat, Weather station and Power Height (PHG) data reception, Auto message reply and Waypoint position data output.

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