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Yaesu FTM-300DR
Mobile Transceiver
144/430 MHz

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Amateur Mobile Transceivers 

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Features | Specifications | Accessories

Yaesu FTM-300DR

  • 2" TFT Color Display
  • Digital ID
  • 1104 Memories
  • Built In Bluetooth
  • Dual Band Operation
  • DTMF Encode/Decode
  • Three RF Levels 5/25/50W
  • 12.5 kHz C4FM/FDMA
  • MicroSD Card Port
  • 1200/9600 APRS Data Modem
  • AMS-Auto Mode Select
  • Multi-color Mode Display

The Yaesu FTM-300DR dual band mobile transceiver provides stable and reliable 50 W RF power output. It is equipped with a heavy-duty heat sink that includes our exclusive FACC (Funnel Air-Convection Conductor Wind Tunnel). Real Dual Band Operation (V+V, U+U, V+U, U+V) is available with two independent receivers, and the FTM-300DR supports simultaneous C4FM digital monitoring for both the A and B bands. The 2-inch high-resolution QVGA TFT color display highlights the frequency and operation bands. With the Band Scope Function, users can monitor up to 63 channels centered around the current VFO frequency in real time. (21 channels in memory channel mode).

Memory Channel Band Auto Grouping (MBAG) allows channels to automatically categorized in each band, and memory channels can be easily and quickly recalled by four Band Groups:
Airband [M-AIR], VHF [M-VHF], UHF [M-UHF] and 174-400/480-999 MHz [M-GEN].

A 3 watt audio amplifier provides clear and crisp audio and two external speaker jacks are provided. Users can output the VFO A and B band Receiver to separate speakers or mix A and B signals when a single external speaker is used.

The built-in Bluetooth unit enables the hands-free operation with the optional Yaesu SSM-BT10 or a commercially available product. The SSM-BT10 is equipped with a PTT button and also supports VOX operation. Using the new USB charger cable SCU-41 with the controller of the FTM-300DR, the SSM-BT10 can be easily charged. The SSM-BT10 works for approximately 20 hours on single charge.

The FTM-300DR supports both the WiRES-X Portable Digital Node function and Fixed Node function with the HRI-200. Since simultaneous C4FM monitoring on both VFO A and VFO B is possible, users can enjoy both WiRES-X communications on one channel while monitoring another local channel at the same time.

Other advanced features of the new FTM-300DR include:  DG-ID (Digital ID), Group Monitor, positional awareness from the built-in 66ch High Sensitivity GPS receiver enabling Real Time Navigation, Backtrack feature, a GPS Terminal for an external GPS receiver, 1200/9600 APRS data modem for APRS mode, Voice Recording of both Received and Transmitted audio, save and load data including configuration and memory channel information to a micro SD card, Snapshot function using the optional MH-85A11U camera microphone.

This radio includes: SSM-85D DTMF hand microphone, slide-in body mounting bracket, short control cable for attached head, 10 foot cable for remoting head, USB cable, DC power cord and manual.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CT163 CT-163 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to MDIN 6 Pin + DSUB 9 Pin). Not in stock
#1188   CT-164 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to MDIN 6 Pin). $30.00 $24.95 Order
#2559 CT163 CT-165 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to DSUB 9 Pin). $50.00 $40.95 Order
#2863 CT167 CT-167 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to Bare Wires). $30.00 $24.95 Order
#3631 Yaesu FP1023 FP-1023 Switching power supply 13.8 VDC at 23 Amps. $216.88 $169.95 Order
#3640 Yaesu FP1030A FP-1030A Linear power supply 13.8 VDC at 30 Amps. $345.22 $269.95 Order
#5385 FVS2 FVS-2 Voice Guide Unit. $40.00 $29.95 Order
#5918 Yaesu HRI200 HRI-200 WIRES-X Internet Linking PC Interface and CD software. $124.95 $119.95 Order
#0201 Yaesu MEK2 MEK-2 Microphone extension kit for using Yaesu 8 pin mobile mics.
Not for use with the Yaesu MH-85A11U
$60.00 $44.95 Order
#3647 Yaesu MH42c6j MH-42C6J Hand Microphone. VIEW $60.00 $44.95 Order
#4920 Yaesu SSM85D SSM-85D DTMF Hand Microphone (as supplied). $70.00 $57.95 Order
#5875 MH85A11U MH-85A11U Microphone with Snap Shot camera (320-240). (Can plug directly into head!) $150.00 119.95 Order
#5614 Yaesu MMB98 MMB-98 Vacuum cup mount bracket for control head. $20.00 $16.95 Order
#6272 Yaesu SCU23 SCU-23 Microphone extension cable for MH-85A11U only.
Adds 9.8 feet (3m).
$60.00 $43.98 Order
#6138 Yaesu SCU40 SCU-40 WiRES-X Cable kit (SCU-20 PC cable and spkr./mic. jack cables). $75.00 $64.95 Order
#4919 Yaesu SCU41 SCU-41 Charging cable for SSM-BT10 Bluetooth headset. $25.00 $19.95 Order
#4937 Yaesu SCU47 SCU-47 Long 20 foot (6m) head control cable. VIEW PKG $50.00 $34.98 Order
#4832 SSMBT10 SSM-BT10 Bluetooth single ear headset. $35.00 $29.95 Order
#6563 Stand STN FTM300 Nifty stand holds control head at the perfect angle.    VIEW $25.95 $23.98 Order
#6860 Repeater Map Book REPEATMAP ARTSCI Repeater Map Book
MMXX Edition   INFO
$19.95 $17.95 Order
#6731 ARRL Repeater Directory REPEATER20 ARRL Repeater Directory 2020
Spiral bound. 560 pages. INFO
$19.95 $16.98 Order
#1409   MM-FTM300D Nifty spiral bound mini-manual for FTM-300DR
27 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch].
$26.95 $23.98 Order

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#4300 FTM300D 20-C A[540] 470/470 Q240/310 JP 12/20