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Icom UT-123
Digital/GPS Unit

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Icom UT-123

The Icom UT-123 adds the D-STAR DV (digital voice) mode and GPS capabilities to your IC-2820. Your location information can be sent simultaneously with the digital voice transmission. The IC-2820 sends your location information when the mic PTT switch is pushed,   at a preset interval (5 seconds to 30 minutes). When available from a calling station, the IC-2820 even displays the distance and direction to the station. The one-touch reply function makes it easy to respond to a calling station. Up to 20 received callsigns are automatically stored as received call records. In DV mode, the built-in voice recorder records an incoming call for up to 30-seconds.

Installation does not require soldering or special tools.

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#4475 11-C A[300-425]300/215 Q100/140 JP 11/16