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Yaesu FTM-400XDR
144/430 MHz

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Amateur Mobile Transceivers 

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Yaesu FTM-400D

  • Huge 3.5" TFT Color Display
  • Altitude Display
  • 500 Memories Per Band
  • Band Scope
  • Dual Reception
  • TOT & APO
  • Three RF Levels 5/20/50W
  • 12.5 kHz C4FM/FDMA
  • Internal Clock - Calendar
  • Four Scan Modes
  • Image Receive/Transmit
  • APRS

The Yaesu FTM-400DR dual band mobile transceiver operates on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. The new FTM-400DR provides four modes:
V/D mode is Voice and Data communication in the same time frame. Stable and reliable digital voice and data communications are maintained using extraordinarily strong error correction capabilities. This mode will be the basic mode of C4FM FDMA Digital HAM radio.
Voice FR mode uses the full rate of data capacity for voice data. This mode enables you to transfer clear, high quality voice data.
Data FR mode uses the full rate of data capacity for transferring data. This mode enables you to transfer large amounts of data, text messages, images, and voice memo data with double speed in V/D mode.
Analog FM mode is effective when weak signal strength causes audio drop out in the digital mode, and enables communication up to the borderline of the noise level.
The radio features an Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function to identify these four modes and select them automatically when the radio receives a signal! Power is selectable at 50, 20 or 5 watts on either band. Enjoy very wideband receive from 108-470 and 800-999 MHz (less cellular). Four scan modes are supported: VFO, Memory, Programmable Memory or Selected Memory. 500 Memories per band are available. Each memory can store: frequency, mode, tag, repeater information, tone, DCS, antenna squelch information, memory skip information and transmission output. The screen background may be set to any of 5 colors (green, blue, orange, purple or gray). The FTM-400DR can capture images and video by connecting a USB camera (not supplied) and transmit and receive them. There is a port for a microSD card. This radio comes: 
MH-48A6JA DTMF hand mic, mounting bracket, bracket for controller, 9.8 foot control cable, SCU-20 PC connection cable, DC cord and Owner's Manual. The original FTM-400DR has been replaced by the FTM-400XDR.

The new Yaesu FTM-400XDR is the same as the original FTM-400DR, but with an improved GPS receiver.

Click here for video demonstration

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  [BH-1A] BH-2A Bluetooth mono headset.
Requires BU-2 and CD-40.
#4877 Yaesu BU2 BU-2 Bluetooth adapter unit for radio. $110.00 $82.95 Order
  CD-40 CD-40 Charger cradle only for BH-2A.
Requires PA-46B AC adapter.
#6089 Yaesu CT162 CT-162 Separation cable 19.6 feet (6m). INFO $50.00 $39.95 Order
  CT163 CT-163 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to MDIN 6 Pin + DSUB 9 Pin). INFO Not in stock
#1188   CT-164 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to MDIN 6 Pin). $30.00 $19.98 Order
#2559 CT163 CT-165 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to DSUB 9 Pin). INFO $50.00 $40.95 Order
#6102 CT163 CT-166 Clone cable. VIEW $55.00 $34.98 Order
  CT167 CT-167 Data cable (MDIN 10 Pin to Bare Wires). INFO Not in stock
  DR1X DR-1X FM/Digital Dual Band Repeater INFO
#6669 DR2X DR-2X Heavy Duty FM/Digital Dual Band Repeater INFO $2000.00 $1699.95 Order
#3631 Yaesu FP1023 FP-1023 Switching power supply 13.8 VDC at 23 Amps. $216.88 $169.95 Order
#3640 Yaesu FP1030A FP-1030A Linear power supply 13.8 VDC at 30 Amps. $345.22 $268.98 Order
#5385 FVS2 FVS-2 Voice Guide Unit. INFO $40.00 $29.95 Order
#5918 Yaesu HRI200 HRI-200 WIRES-X Internet Linking PC Interface and CD software. $124.95 $119.95 Order
#0201 Yaesu MEK2 MEK-2 Microphone extension kit for using Yaesu 8 pin mobile mics.
Not for use with the Yaesu MH-85A11U MORE INFO
$60.00 $44.95 Order
#3647 Yaesu MH42c6j MH-42C6J Hand Microphone. VIEW $60.00 $44.98 Order
#5386 Yaesu MH48a6ja MH-48A6JA DTMF Hand Microphone (as supplied). INFO $70.00 $54.95 Order
#5875 MH85A11U MH-85A11U Microphone with Snap Shot camera (320-240). INFO $150.00 119.95 Order
#4904 Yaesu MLS200 MLS-200-M10 Weatherproof external speaker. $50.00 $37.95 Order
#5614 Yaesu MMB98 MMB-98 Vacuum cup mount bracket for control head. INFO $20.00 $16.95 Order
  Yaesu PA46B PA-46B AC wall charger (for CD-40). VIEW Discontinued
  Yaesu SCU20 SCU-20 PC Connection cable (as supplied).
Now part of SCU-40. VIEW
#6272 Yaesu SCU23 SCU-23 Microphone extension cable for MH-85A11U only.
Adds 9.8 feet (3m).
$60.00 $43.98 Order
#6138 Yaesu SCU40 SCU-40 WiRES-X Cable kit (SCU-20 PC cable and spkr./mic. jack cables). $75.00 $64.95 Order
#6419 Yaesu SMB-20 SMB-201 Cooling fan base. INFO $70.00 $54.95 Order
#6580 Nifty Mini Manual MM-FTM400X Nifty spiral bound mini-manual for FTM-400XDR
23 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. INFO
$26.95 $24.95 Order
  ADMS-M400 ADMS-M400 RT Systems Windows XP/Vista/7(32&64 bit) Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (full version) programming software CD with MicroSD card and USB reader.  INFO Discontinued
#5683 ADMS-M400 ADMS-M400 RT Systems Windows 7 (32&64 bit) Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (full version) Windows 10 programming software CD. Requires Yaesu SCU-20 cable (supplied with radio).  INFO $25.00 $23.95 Order
  ARRL Repeater Directory REPEATER20 ARRL Repeater Directory 2020
Spiral bound. 560 pages. INFO

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#5400 FTM400D    13-15 D[850] 670/450 Q240/310 JP 04/16
#1400 FTM400XDR 15-C  A[850] 630/430 Q230/309 JP 12/20