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AvMap G6
Car Navigation System


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  AvMap G6

The AvMap G6 (Geosat 6) is the ultimate out-of-the-box solution for mobile APRS. The G6 comes with a Kenwood ready cable and exclusive APRS bidirectional RS-232 APRS interface compatible with all current Kenwood APRS ready radios including the TH-D7A, TH-D72A, TM-D700A and TM-D710A. The AvMap G6 provides GPS location information for your transmitted APRS beacons, and it shows received APRS information on the map. You can set it to navigate to your favorite APRS mobile station and get rerouting instructions when the new position is reported! Watch APRS activity right on the screen and you can distinguish between fixed and mobile APRS stations. Static positions are indicate with a blue icon with the associated call sign. The cutting-edge 520 MHz processor and u-blox GPS engine with 50 channel -160dbm tracking sensitivity, provide fast and accurate fixes. The touch screen, 4.8 inch diagonal, 16:9 widescreen color LCD supports 65536 colors. You get 2D, 3D and night views. Enjoy turn-by-turn vocal instructions with street names. This device has a mini USB port and serial port for bidirectional NMEA communications.

The AvMap G6 includes:
  Car Holder
  Cigarette lighter plug charger
  Home AC charger
  APRS cable for your Kenwood radio
  USB PC cable
  SD card preloaded with maps of North America.

5.25 x 3.3 x 0.83 inches. 9.6 oz.

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